Gummys NF

  • Contraindications
    1. Do not consume if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the components of the formula.
    2. This product is not a medicine. The consumption of this product is the responsibility of the user and of the person who recommends it.
  • Benefits
    1. Blocks fat storing genes within body which cause overweight
    2. Improves digestion and nutrients absorption
    3. Raise physical and mental energy
    4. Reduce body fat and regulates appetite
    5. Improve cardiovascular health

$38.00 Taxes included

  • Ingredients
      1. Apple Cider Vinegar
      2. Pomegranate
      3. Propionyl, L-Carnitine Glycine
      4. Vitamin B6 & B12
      5. Folic Acid
      6. Monk’s Fruit
  • Instructions For Use
    1. Chew 2 gummies a day.


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Gummys NF

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Gummys NF
$38.00 Taxes included